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FCD 2020 Meeting Notice


A meeting of the Twin Lakes Rathdrum Creek Flood Control District No. 17 will be held at:


Twinlow Camp and Retreat Center

22787 N Twinlow Rd.

Rathdrum, ID 83858


at 6:00pm on the following 2020 dates: January 2, February 6, March 5,

April 2, May 7, and June 4th.

January Agenda

About the District


Twin Lakes/Rathdrum Creek Flood Control District #17
operates under Idaho Code Title 42,Chapter 31. 


Responsibilities are to construct, operate, and maintain structural works to prevent floodwaters and sediment damage, and conservation, development utilization and disposal of water within the District; to annually fix and determine the amount of money to be raised by taxation for operation of the District.

Our Mission

"To encompass the watershed top ot bottom.  To evaluate weather and conditions to minimize water damage while maximizing the best use management of water resource, through dam and waterway maintenance, and operation to best serve ALL watershed interests."

Other Twin Lakes Organizations

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Twin Lakes Dam Construction 



Twin Lakes Flood Control District #17

PO Box #1389
Rathdrum, ID 83858

Phone: (208) 254-1036

Email: tlfcd17@gmail.com